Coagulation Filtration / Oxidation & Filtration

Coagulation in water treatment uses specialized chemicals to encourage fine particles to bind together in clumps known as flocs.  These flocs can filtered through media, membranes, or settled out in a tank.

Oxidation Filtration is a process in which contaminates are pre-oxidized then precipitated out of solution. Pureflow’s NSF61 approved adsorptive permanent medias act as a catalyst in the oxidation – reduction reaction.  The filtration step collects the contaminants in hydroxide form.  The filter media is cleaned by revering the flow using processed water.  The typical backwash to filtration ratio is less than 2%.  The backwash water can be drained to a sewer, or an optional reclaim system can be supplied, allowing approximately 99.9% recovery / recycle.

For the removal of suspended solids, iron, manganese, arsenic, radium, uranium.

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange is a reversible chemical process where dissolved ions are removed from solution and replaced with other ions of the same electrical charge.  Pureflow offers several highly selective ion- exchange resins and polymers with regeneration options for municipal and industrial water treatment applications.

For the removal of Radionuclides, nitrate, PFAS, arsenic, calcium, magnesium, iron, Nitrate, perchlorate, chromium, radium, sulfate, manganese.

Disposable Media Filtration Systems

Disposable medias typically have a higher absorption capacity to coagulation filtration medias, allowing for flexible and smaller system design.  titanium oxide (TiO2) based adsorbent media is an option to coagulation filtration.  Bayoxide E33 is a disposable iron oxide adsorber media in granular form. The kinetic advantage of our disposable media allows for faster flow rates, and smaller footprint, without limitation of flow or re-treatment.

Pureflow’s disposable media is designed with high absorbent capacity, so regeneration is not required. Our media offers an affordable solution with an easy to operate approach to contaminant removal.

For the removal fluoride, arsenic, antimony, selenium, phosphate, lead, TOC, VOC, suspended solids.

Ozone / AOP Generation & Feed Systems

Pureflow is the exclusive municipal engineering partner for Primozone’s patented ozone generators for the USA and Canadian Markets.  When an oxygen gas molecule is exposed to electric high voltage, the oxygen molecule is split into two oxygen atoms.  The oxygen atom then connects to oxygen molecules and ozone is formed.  Ozone is five times more oxidizing than oxygen and twice as oxidizing as chlorine.  Ozone has a well-documented kill rate of microorganisms.  Ozone gas breaks down into oxygen within a short period of time, making it an ecologically sound process.  Pureflow offers custom ozone auxiliary equipment/systems including air preparation, LOX/PSA/VSA, mass transfer, ozone destruct, instrumentation, master controls, etc.

For the oxidation of heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, removal of odor / taste / color, primary disinfection, destruction of complex compounds / biological filtration assist.

Biological Filtration

Biological treatment of potable water, defined by the use of bacteria to remove contaminants has emerged as an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional use of chemicals in a oxidation / coagulation process.  The biological process is an attractive solution when the levels of raw water contaminants are abnormally elevated.  Given this scenario, backwash interbals can be reduced shen compared to backwash intervals of traditional coagulation filtration in the same application.

Pureflow Filtration’s PureflowBio technology incorporates state-of-the-art hardware and air scouring process to achieve optimal treatment while reducing operational costs.

For the removal of Nitrates, Iron, arsenic, Manganese, ammonia.

PFD-Series Floating Decanter

Our self-adjusting Floating Tank Decanter provides a method to drain your tank from the top down while eliminating harmful vortexes’.  Our 50 + years of experience with tank dewatering is packaged into this simple yet effective system for reclaiming supernatant.

Chemical Metering Systems

Pureflow offers pre-engineered and customizable panel mounted chemical dosing systems for the municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment industries.

Filter Media

Pureflow’s ANSI/NSF certified proprietary and non-proprietary permanent and disposable filter media provide industry leading performance, longevity, and backwash efficiency.


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