Pureflow Complete Solutions

Pureflow knows water treatment.  Our skilled engineering and design departments are producing solutions from conceptual design to system start-up across multiple industries & applications.


Pureflow’s professional Engineering group has the capability to produce Turn-key solutions; providing detailed system specifications, drawings, seismic calculations, O&M manuals and the chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering expertise and experience required for successful treatment design.


From presentation to installation, Pureflow’s design group is producing detailed P&ID’s, process flow diagrams, electrical schematics, and 3-D renderings for our clients and installation contractors.

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Mobile Pilot Laboratory

Field pilot testing is necessary to verify the treatability of raw water, to predict the performance of a full scale water treatment plant and to optimize its efficiency. Raw water quality can vary significantly, and since such variability will affect contaminant removal efficiency, field pilot testing of the proposed treatment system is strongly recommended…


Pureflow Filtration Div. offers professional commissioning services from factory personnel to insure that the engineered systems we deliver are properly installed and fully functional as designed. Detailed start-up reports are provided to the owner and consulting engineer.

Pureflow will provide classroom and hands-on training so your operating staff fully understands the theory of operation, hydraulic / mechanical operation, troubleshooting techniques, and maintenance of your system.

Field Service

Pureflow Filtration’s service personnel are trained and equipped to evaluate, troubleshoot, and repair your equipment on-site to ensure your operations are back online and properly functioning in a timely manner.  Our service personnel and partners are safety trained to offer quality service without putting others at risk.

Filter Remediation

Pureflow filtration Div. offers remediation services for existing arsenic, iron, and manganese removal, pressure and gravity, filtration systems.  Our field personnel are qualified to inspect / troubleshoot on-line filter systems, perform field pilot filter studies to optimize filter efficiency, and offer recommendation for improvement of filter operation.  After review of raw and filtered water quality data, and consultation with our engineering staff, we will offer a proposal to remediate and recommission the filter system.  Operator training will be included when required.

Filter remediation can be as simple as adding media, or can include supervising the unlading of the existing media, inspecting the filter internals.  Defective PVC underdrains can be replaced with similar laterals, or with sturdier 316L stainless steel wedge-wired wrapped laterals.

Additional remediation can include the replacement of existing control panel, butterfly valves / actuators, pretreatment chemical feed pumps, and water quality monitors.  A pilot filter study may also provide data to improve the treatment process, select the media for metals removal, and indicate the feasibility of adding a backwash water reclaim system that can recover up to 99.9% of the existing backwash water that is currently disposed to a sewer or pond.

Founded in 1973, Pureflow is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that specializes in the design and manufacture of custom engineered processes and systems for the water and waste water industry.